General Qualifications

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  • Committed to the health, safety and well-being of employees, clients, subcontractors, property and the environment; Member of ISNetworld---the leader in monitoring HSE Programs, OSHA documentation, employee training and performance records

  • Professional, safe, cost-effective, and reliable geological and geotechnical consulting services all performed with the same commitment to excellence

  • Project management responsibilities with proven ability to draw expertise from a large group of experienced professionals with knowledge from a wide variety of disciplines

  • Responsive to customer-specific needs and deliverables

  • Expert data collection and information archival

  • Comprehensive data files and references from over 35 years of activity concentrated in the Piceance Creek Basin and also includes extensive work in other parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas

  • Advanced computer applications including database management, maps, graphics, GIS, GPS, CAD, and wide-format plotting

  • Design and implementation of field instrumentation

  • Qualified and dedicated administrative support


Geological & Geophysical

  • Expertise in exploration and development of oil shale, coal, oil, gas, shale gas, coal-bed methane, tar sands, industrial minerals, base and precious metals, and related energy resources

  • Applied research, literature studies, preparation of project displays, and reporting capabilities associated with all aspects of energy-related resources

  • Over 35 years of well-site geological and field experience

  • Well-site geological and hydrological support staff---fully equipped and easily deployed

  • Geologic mapping with field-ready digital camera imaging

  • Geophysical log evaluation and interpretation expertise

  • Proximity to field projects throughout the Rocky Mountain region

  • Comprehensive reference library providing ready access to data and information; active and inactive oil shale, sodium mineral, coal and mineral claim ownership projects

  • Field mapping, resource evaluations and assessments, fracture identification and correlation, core drilling and slabbing, and rotary, sonic, directional and horizontal drilling support and project management

  • Subsurface mapping and correlation capabilities, data collection, seismic processing and interpretation


  • Field acquisition of surface and subsurface water discharge measurements including sampling, flow, water chemistry, and water-level measurements

  • Aquifer identification, mapping, sampling, data evaluation and modeling

  • Well gas displacement bladder pump installation and sampling capabilities

  • Acquisition of representative samples by approved field procedures and protocols

  • Design, installation and operation of ground and surface water monitoring locations

  • Hydrologic-Geochemical data analysis, interpretation and presentation including Piper and Stiff diagrams


  • Expertise in environmental management systems, preparation of environmental monitoring plans, environmental assessments (EA) and environmental impact statements (EIS)

  • Excellent working knowledge of compliance with environmental rules, laws and regulations

  • Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies (RI/FS) process

  • OSHA, MSHA and HAZWOPER training


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  • Experienced permit-writing capabilities for all energy resource-related activities, including wastewater discharge compliance, underground injection control permits, water permits, air permits and drilling permits

  • Over 35 years of direct professional experience and personal contacts with local, state and federal regulatory agencies including excellent ongoing rapport and communication with the BLM, EPA, DRMS and other agencies

  • Respected consulting organization capable of non-biased approach to problem solving and negotiations


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  • Over 35 years of expertise related to the identification and documentation of geologic, hydrologic and seismic hazards associated with property evaluation and developments