Liz Johnson

B.S. in Environmental Geology, Fort Lewis College, 2014

M.S. in Geology, Northern Arizona University, 2017

Liz Johnson is the newest geologist at Daub & Associates.  She possesses a detailed knowledge of carbonate and siliciclastic sequence stratigraphy, diagenesis and hydrothermal alteration in sedimentary rocks.  Her geologic background has primarily focused in academic research of the evolution of the Ancestral Rocky Mountain system and consequent basin dynamics in active Carboniferous plays.  Ms. Johnson has used this research to enrich industry understanding of complex reservoir systems and cultivate non-traditional reservoir management related to oil, gas and other valuable resources.  Beyond carbonates, Liz’s geologic interests include engineering geomorphology, groundwater chemistry and riparian remediation. Although Liz is originally from North Carolina, she considers herself a desert citizen and her favorite geology includes the Pennsylvanian Paradox Basin and impressive Mesozoic strata of the Utah desert.

Liz has had the pleasure of working with many giants in the realm of Western U.S. geology, including Kinder Morgan, Pioneer Natural Resources, Dr. Gary Gianniny and Dr. Ron Blakey.  Ms. Johnson has written several successful private and federal grants, two thesis papers, and is in the process of publishing her master’s research. Liz has presented research at several national and international conferences and has been a representative of the sedimentary division of the Geological Society of America.  Ms. Johnson has experience producing lithologic investigations and analysis, constructing three-dimensional spatial data, collecting and interpreting geophysical data from surveys, well logging interpretation, and Gamma-XREF data collection by hand-held instruments, groundwater monitoring, sampling, and groundwater standard test methods in hydrology laboratories.